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Where to eat in Lee
Lee Historical Society
    At last count – and this changes both up and down – Lee hosted 65 places where one could sate one’s hunger. The last census (2010) states the population then was 5,963, which statistically gives each eatery just under 92 clients, not including the massive influx of eaters once the summer tourist season gets into full swing. 

    With such a large number of establishments offering every kind of cuisine in such an historical town, it’s not to be surprised that some have links to history, both old and new. One such establishment hosted such esteemed clients as Ulysses S. Grant, George Bernard Shaw, President Grover Cleveland. Another is said to be the location of a well-known painting by a famous artist. And which iconic diner was a favorite haunt of the Kennedys? 

    Whatever your taste, whatever your nationality, whether you are into history, are looking for a quick tummy filler, celebrating an event, or looking for a romantic dinner with a favorite person, Lee has something for everyone.

    However, if you are interested in the history part, you’ll have to click the “More” button to find out where to go!