Lee Historical Society
Lee Historical Society
For a small mill town with a population of under 6,000, Lee has indeed been blessed with a number of fine places of worship: the First Congregational Church, St. Mary’s Catholic, Berkshire Hills Baptist, the Open Door, Greater Grace Church of the Berkshires, and Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The most prominent of these is the First Congregational Church where Park and Main Street meet, due to its steeple soaring above all around. But this same steeple has had its share of misfortunes. And if you click the “More” button, you can find out what they were!

Not too far down Main Street is beautiful St. Mary’s Catholic Church, with its parochial school, founded in 1885. That school was relocated to Elm Street in 1957. The original school building was moved from its location on Academy Street to Main Street in 1989 to become the Chambery Inn.

The Open Door Church once held its services at the old St. George’s Episcopalian Church on Franklin Street, and now sits on a 30-acre site at its new location on Summer Street.

Not far from the Massachusetts Turnpike exit for Lee is the Berkshire Hills Baptist Church, easily located by the beautiful white cross mounted on a wooden façade and flanked by stained glass windows.

Lee residents have been excited to see the lovely old Greater Grace Church on High Street have its “For Sale” sign replaced with a “Sold” sign. Further information on its new (and old) life can be found by clicking the “More” button!

Last, but not least, is the Kingdom Hall for Jehovah’s Witnesses which can also be found tucked away on Pleasant Street with the Berkshire Hills standing guard over it in the background.

For more information on the history of Lee’s churches and their communities, click on the “More” button.